Children’s Hope Residential Services: How You Can Help

Children’s Hope Residential Services is a nonprofit organization serving abused and neglected children throughout Texas. Founded by James Aldrich CEO in 2002, Children’s Hope gives children a safe and supportive environment to overcome their trauma and build a positive future. Learn how you can help those children in need by volunteering with Children’s Hope.


One way Children’s Hope helps adolescents is through mentoring. Mentors are very important to the organization and spend one-on-one time with a child. Mentors help children boost their confidence, regain trust of others, learn new skills, and build a positive future.

Church Mentoring

Church mentors sponsor a group of between 13 and 15 children and invite them to Sunday worship and church events. Church mentors can also celebrate children’s birthdays, holidays, and other special events throughout the year. It’s incredibly important for children to have positive role models in their lives, which is why mentoring is so essential.


In addition to mentoring, there are many other ways you can volunteer for Children’s Hope Residential Services and make a difference. You can volunteer by hosting or helping with a party or special event; wrapping presents during the holidays; helping with fundraisers and clothing and food drives; participating in hands-on activities; tutoring; and providing devotionals.
To learn more about volunteer opportunities at Children’s Hope Residential Services, click here.

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